Review: The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

Title: The Sky is Everywhere
Author: Jandy Nelson
Walker Books
Publication Date:

untitled (2)

The Blurb:

Lennie Walker,

Seventeen, Wuthering Heights obsessed, clarinet player, band geek. Also hopeless romantic, prone to scattering poems all over town and as for four weeks ago sisterless…

A heart-breaking, heart-lifting, utterly compelling and completely unforgettable novel about fist love and first loss.”

The Book in 3 Words:

Un. Freaking. Believable.

Ayesha’s Thoughts:

Firstly I would just like to climb onto my roof and scream out my thanks to for sending me this book to review. I was sent the new cover of “The Sky is Everywhere” which is due to be released in February 2015, and may I add it is gorgeous.

This novel was a work of art. It has definitely made its way all the way to the top of my favourite books. From the cover, to the little poems Lennie wrote at the start of every chapter, to the writing, it was absolutely beautiful.

I feel as though I need to dedicate a whole paragraph to Jandy Nelsons writing. Nelson is a published poet and let me just say this girl can write. She captured the scene and characters perfectly. The metaphors Nelson used were out of this world, they were ones I would never have thought of myself, but now I wouldn’t be able to think of anything that would describe better. I found myself marking my favourite quotes, while I was reading, because I couldn’t just let them be forgotten. Some of my favourites were:

“Everyone jumped to their feet
and started clapping,
I remember thinking the roof would blow
from the thunder in our hands.”

“The cloak of being fine I wear with everyone else slips right off my shoulders.”

“When he plays
all the flowers swap colours
and years and decades and centuries
of rain pour back into the sky.”

In the story, Lennie loses her older sister, which makes grief a huge theme of the book. I thought Nelson described the grief of losing someone close to you in a perfect way. It was a real comfort to read. Loneliness was also another huge theme, making Lennie do all the crazy things she did. I also loved the relationships between the characters, the way the loss of someone close to you affects so many different people in so many different ways. The feelings and emotions were portrayed in such a realistic way, I found they were so easy to relate to!

I would also like to take my hat off to Jandy Nelson because the love triangle in the book didn’t take away the focus off the grief, in fact there was a very good balance in the story. Overall, I absolutely loved this book, and I definitely recommend this wonderful story to everyone!!

Rating: 5/5

Thank you everyone for reading!! I hope you have an amazing week!

Stay beautiful,

Ayesha xx

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