Unboxing- Lorali by Laura Dockrill

Hello everyone!

Sorry for our lack of posting these past couple of weeks. We have just been so busy with exams! Only 2 more left so hopefully we will get back into the habit of posting more often again.

Apologies aside, I received a parcel today from Hot Key Books via lovereading and I was so excited about it, so I wanted to share it with you guys. I was so excited when lovereading gave me a chance to review “Lorali” by Laura Dockrill because it was one of the books on my TBR for summer. I first heard about this book from booksandquills on YouTube and immediately put the book on my TBR list, so when lovereading gave me the chance to review the uncorrected proof copy I couldn’t turn it down!

I wasn’t expecting my parcel so soon, therefore it was a lovely surprise today! The parcel came with the uncorrected proof copy of “Lorali” and a separate piece of cardboard with the cover artwork on it. I thought this was a lovely touch because proof copies don’t usually have the proper book cover, but now I still have the gorgeous book cover, even if it is separate! And that wasn’t even the best part. I opened the book to the first page and saw that IT WAS SIGNED BY LAURA. AGHHH. WHAT?! It made my day, and was such a special touch to my book, so thank you Laura, Hot Key Books and lovereading!

lorali1   lorali2

I am so excited to read this book, and you can expect a review very soon, where I will tell you more about the book!

Thank you for reading everyone!

Stay beautiful,

Monisah xo

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