Review: All I’ve Never Wanted

Title: All I’ve Never Wanted
Author: Ana Huang
Publication Date: 9th June 2015
Pages: 626


The blurb:
The Scions were the four richest, most powerful guys at Valesca Academy, and they ruled the school with iron fists. Everyone wanted to date them or be them…everyone, that is, except Maya Lindberg, who just wanted to avoid them until she could graduate. She almost succeeded, until an ill-advised outburst on her part put her right in the Scions’ path. Just like that, one became her fake boyfriend, one her unwanted matchmaker, one her guardian angel, and the one she couldn’t stand the most? Yeah, he’s her new housemate. A Young Adult romantic comedy that explores what happens when a girl gets everything she never asked for, including a puppy, a new wardrobe, and, possibly, even true love.

The book in 3 words:
Fun, quirky, uplifting.

Monisah’s thoughts:
I am here today with a review of All I’ve Never wanted by Ana Huang. We were sent an e-book by Ana in return for an honest review. The book was first published on Wattpad, and got 17 million reads on the website, so it’s no surprise that it’s getting published on 9Th June!

I was so excited to read this book, I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and it definitely did not disappoint. The book was so much more than a poor-girl-rich-boy romance and I ended up falling head over heels for the Scions and their world. The book takes place at Valesca Acadamy: the school for the elite famous offspring, ruled by the Scions- Roman, Parker, Carlo and Zach, 4 of the richest teenagers in the world. Maya, who only was able to get into Valesca by a scholarship, tried everything to stay clear of the Scions, but after a year of avoiding their path, Maya was flung into their world.

The book intrigued me from the word go, and the hilarious dialogue and exciting storyline kept me reading till the very end. One of my favourite things about the book was the humour. I cannot tell you how many times I laughed out loud because of this book. Maya’s grandmother was by far my favourite character. She was so hilarious I loved absolutely every scene she was in. From trying to arrange Maya marrying a Harvard student, to chasing Roman with a broom, the woman was absolutely hilarious and she brought the book to life.

Maya was a relatable, witty character who made the book so much easier to read. I loved how feisty she was, and her romance with Roman. Oh my goodness I ship them so much. The Scions brought fictional hotness into my life, you’ll be spoilt for choice. I must say I didn’t really like Roman at first, but by the end of the book the boy was tugging at my heartstrings and he definitely became my favourite Scion.

Friendship was a very dominant theme throughout the book, and it was so lovely to read. Honestly, I want to join the gang…I mean who doesn’t want friends that can fly you off to New York for a humongous shopping spree?! Zach and Venice were my favourite people ever. They were just so lovely and adorable and ugh I cant. The feels. The ending of the book was satisfactory, but I would LOVE to read more about the characters. I’m just so attached and I definitely think there is room for a sequel?!

I don’t really have any criticism except for the romance could get a tiny bit cheesy at some points, but to be honest, cheese is one of my favourite foods so I didn’t mind the cheesiness at all! Overall, the book was so uplifting and a pleasure to read, I wanted to start it all over again once I finished! I am so thankful Ana contacted us to review her book because it’s one of my favourite books I’ve read all year!

Rating: 4.5/5

Thank you everyone!

Stay beautiful,
Monisah xo

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