Review: Lorali by Laura Dockrill

Review: Lorali
Author: Laura Dockrill
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Publication Date: 2nd July 2015
Pages: 208

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Colourful, raw, brave, rich and fantastical – this mermaid tale is not for the faint-hearted. Looking after a naked girl he found washed up under Hastings pier isn’t exactly how Rory had imagined spending his sixteenth birthday. But more surprising than finding her in the first place is discovering where she has come from. Lorali is running not just from the sea, not just from her position as princess, but her entire destiny. Lorali has rejected life as a mermaid, and become human. But along with Lorali’s arrival, and the freak weather suddenly battering the coast, more strange visitors begin appearing in Rory’s bemused Sussex town. With beautifully coiffed hair, sharp-collared shirts and a pirate ship shaped like a Tudor house, the Abelgare boys are a mystery all of their own. What are they really up to? Can Rory protect Lorali? And who from? And where does she really belong, anyway?

Monisah’s thoughts:
*This review may contain slight spoilers*
I was sent an ARC of this book from Hot Key Books via in return for an honest review. Lorali had been on my summer TBR, so when lovereading gave me a chance to review the ARC I couldn’t reply fast enough!

Where do I start? This book blew me away completely. I haven’t read a mermaid book before, but Lorali was everything I imagined and so much more. Goodness, I’ve been missing out. Dockrill’s writing is honestly out of this world. Her poetic skills are portrayed beautifully in her writing, and she has you hanging off every word leaving you mesmerised. It was such a pleasure to read.

One of my favourite things of the book is that it was written in 3 voices- Rory, Lorali and The Sea. The great thing was, all the voices were distinctly different. Each voice had a particular style of writing which made the book so refreshing to read. At first I was a bit wary of 3 voices, because from my experience, multiple voices tend to blend into one but that did not happen when I was reading Lorali. I enjoyed every voice, but I have to say The Sea was definitely my favourite. I mean, what an amazing idea. I loved how Dockrill portrayed The Sea to be really sassy but wise all at the same time. She did an amazing job of writing from The Sea’s perspective, and it was so darn clever!

I loved how as the book went by, Dockrill gave you more and more information about Lorali’s past leaving you to piece together what happened at her resolution. Lorali was a great protagonist that really left you empathising with her and her situation. As the story unfolded, I found myself rooting for Lorali and loving her as a character. Her love for “The Walkers” and her bravery were so wonderful to read about. I loved reading about Lorali’s experiences out of the mermaid world. Her reactions to normal human experiences such as eating cake were so heart-warming to read about.

As for Rory… He was such a kind hearted soul. Dockrill accurately wrote in a perspective of a 16 year old boy. For example, when worrying about his date ordering an expensive bottle of wine, Rory replied with “who does she think I was, bloody Jay-Z?!” I loved Rory’s voice and the humour he brought to the book. The pirates were also a wonderful part of the book, and I loved how scary and brave pirates cared so much about their cuticles and conditioning their hair.

The book was so fun to read as it contained newspaper clippings and chatrooms as well as the 3 voices. I especially loved the chatrooms that were created when Opal swam into the river Thames and demanded to speak to the Prime Minister. The whole world blew up; fandoms were created for Opal, and Vogue and Elle both wanted her on their covers. The chatrooms were so hilarious, there were people sharing tips on how to grow a tapestry and how to get Opal’s perfect waves.

As I’ve said before, Dockrill’s writing was absolutely beautiful, so I’m just going to leave you with some of my favourite quotes from the book: “You have to live your life like you’re pretending. An actor living in a character’s life. Otherwise you won’t take the risks. You won’t live.”

“When I’m older I want to be a unicorn.” (This is me all day every day.)

“Her hair flowing like music.”

“Ghosts of our laughter haunt the air like a waft of a burnt matchstick.”

Rating: 5/5

Thank you for reading everyone! Do you have any mermaid book recommendations for me? Please leave them in the comments!

Stay beautiful,
Monisah xo

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