Paper Towns Movie Review

Hello everyone! Sorry we haven’t been posting as frequently as we would have liked, but our summer has been unexpectedly busy! Anyways, we went to see paper towns with our cousin on Thursday so I thought I would review the movie for you guys!


I read the book a couple of years ago and I really liked it. It was a chilled easy read and I remember loving the humour in the book, so when the film came out (and Cara Delevingne was casted as Margo) I knew I had to go see it!

In a nutshell, I absolutely loved the film! The friendship between Q Ben and Radar was portrayed perfectly on screen and their humour was one of my favourite parts of the film. There were so many times I found myself laughing while watching the film, and it’s always good when a film makes you giggle.

I thought the casting was spot on. I cannot think of anyone else who could have played Q better than Nat Wolff did. He was honestly the perfect Quentin. His awkwardness and quirkiness was perfect for the role. The actors who played Ben and Radar also did a freaking awesome job. They did their characters justice. As for Margo, I’m still not sure if I like the character, but Cara portrayed Margo very well. At first I didn’t see her as Margo but now I can’t see anyone else as Margo! She was so badass and glamorous at the same time and I loved it. Also, damn that girl can act!

What I love most about the film, and the book, is the ending. It doesn’t end with Q and Margo falling in love and spending the rest of their lives together. They go their separate ways, and they drift apart like real life. The film sent out an awesome message that friends are so much more important than your love interest and sometimes people aren’t who you thought they were. Q falls in love with the idea of Margo and not Margo herself. He built up this idea that Margo was a goddess when in fact she was a human being. They didn’t fall in love in the end but that’s okay!

I would definitely recommend watching the film, it did not disappoint me! Ayesha and I have both read the book whereas my cousin hadn’t read the book but we all enjoyed the film just as much! I was quite wary going to see the film because of all the bad ratings, but honestly it was so much better than I expected it to be and I ended up LOVING the film. It definitely did the book justice so I would recommend giving this one a watch!

Thank you all for reading and if you’ve watched Paper Towns, let me know what you thought of it in the comments!

Stay beautiful,
Monisah xo

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