Book Reviewer of the Month from!


Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well!! I’ve got some exciting news today!

As you guys know Monisah and I often review books for, and I recently got an email saying that I was chosen for “Reviewer of the Month” for my review of The Next Together by Lauren James! YAAAAAY!! I loved The Next Together, it is still one of my favourite books that I have read all year, and if you haven’t already read it, I would definitely recommend it!

I received a very sweet parcel today from lovereading and Walker Books as a thank you! Altogether I received 2 posters, one for The Lottery Boy by Michael Byrne, and one for I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson (which I’m so excited about AAAAHHH), a couple of bookmarks (which are ALWAYS useful!!), a cute little certificate, a gift voucher (I can buy MORE books woooo!!) and an ARC copy of Silence is Goldfish which I can’t wait to read!!


I just want to thank everyone at lovereading for being such lovely, supportive people (especially Shelley, her emails light up my day)! I will let everyone know when lovereading post the article on their website!

Thank you for reading everyone!! I hope you have a wonderful evening! Just a little random side-note… I can’t help but point out how beautiful autumn is, I would love to hear what everyone’s favourite thing is about autumn!

Stay beautiful,
Ayesha xx

19 thoughts on “Book Reviewer of the Month from!

  1. Just a little update, I got in touch with lovereading and have been approved for their reviewing panel. I am really chuffed…yay 🙂 Can’t wait to get my first physical proof copy in the post. Anyway just wanted to let you know. If it wasn’t for your post I wouldn’t have really known much about them xx

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    • Aaaaah Nicola that’s amazing!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Thank you so much for letting us know!! I wish you well on your journey reviewing with lovereading!!!! Please keep me updated with how you’re doing!! -A xx


      • I will indeed Ayesha, I am so excited. Do you have any tips for me? Would I be right in thinking its first come first served for the books, whoever emails back quickest with the books they want to review? Also Shelley said to me they like to have reviews back within two weeks of the book being sent out. Sometimes it can take me longer than two weeks to read a book if I have another on the go or am particularly busy. I hope they don’t mind if it takes longer 🙂 Im super excited though !!! Thanks again xx

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      • Yaaaay I’m glad you’re excited!!!! Just be yourself and be honest!! Your reviews are always amazing I’m sure you’ll have no problem!! Yes it is first come first serve with whoever gets the books, but that’s never stopped me from getting a book! Try to reply as soon as you see the email! That being said, I’ve replied days after the email had been sent and I’ve still received the book! The team and Shelley are very understanding and they understand if you can’t get the review in time! They’re always just so grateful for the reviews, just let them know if you can’t get the review in on time!! GOOD LUCKKKK!! -A xx

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