Cursed Child Release Party and Mini Review!


Hello people of the blogosphere… We are finally back (after 6 months I think we have neglected this blog enough!!!)

So, if you weren’t aware (presumably living under some rock), Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released midnight last night so Ayesha and I decided to attend a release party (in Waterstones, Cardiff). It was honestly so much fun and the atmosphere was, well it was magical!

We arrived at Waterstones at 10pm and already a long queue had formed outside of fellow witches and wizards in their house colours. It was while queuing that we met the lovely Suzy, who we ended up spending the rest of the night with! Once we were inside, we decided to participate in a Harry Potter quiz and ended up getting a pretty decent score of 18/20! We got J.K Rowling’s full name wrong (I know we are so ashamed!) We wrote down Joanne Katherine instead of Kathleen *bows head in shame* and we also forgot the first ever Gryffindor password used by Percy (which we now know was “Caput Draconis”), but that’s why we were both sorted in Hufflepuff and not Gryffindor… duh!

Next, we decided to participate in a Harry Potter treasure hunt where we had to trek around the bookstore finding clues that would eventually lead us to a release party sticker, which I’m sure we will put up to good use!! There were other cute little activities that were set out, such as Pin the Nose on Voldemort and Quidditch Pong – which we were shockingly terrible at. Seriously terrible. I guess we truly are Hufflepuffs; we didn’t get a single point… I guess Quidditch isn’t a career we should pursue any further. We also took pictures at a “Have you seen this wizard?” stand, but the highlights of the night has to be the countdown to midnight and when someone told us that we looked like the Patel twins! Probably the best compliment anyone has ever given us! The Waterstones Staff gave us all party poppers so when midnight finally came, everyone celebrated together, it was so cute!

The whole of today has been spent reading the Cursed Child and I am proud to say that I (Monisah) finished reading it a couple of hours ago. Honestly, being back in the Harry Potter world at Hogwarts was truly magical and I enjoyed every single moment. I could not put the book down. The plot was fast-paced and as detailed as you would expect a Rowling novel to be. I must admit, the script format did take some getting used to, but hey it was a great new experience. I think I would have preferred an actual novel but let’s be honest… Who wouldn’t? Nevertheless, Cursed Child was amazing and surprisingly it turned my hatred for Snape into admiration and love. I was able to read more about the characters that I grew up with and loved and also find a place in my heart for all the new ones. I hope sometime in the future I will be able to see this magical storyline on stage!

Have you read Cursed Child yet? What are your opinions?

Thank you for reading, and we promise to start blogging again!

Stay beautiful,

Ayesha and Monisah