My 5 Favorite YouTubers

Hi everyone,

I decided to do something a little different today! I wanted to chat about my current favourite YouTubers! So these lucky few channels all have the privilege of being stalked by yours truly! I have linked all of the channels throughout my post so please feel free to check them out!

1. Lindsey Rem
I love her aesthetic. Lindsey is an American beauty/fashion blogger and I love her style, I love her makeup, I love her face. Yep, you’ve guessed it I have the biggest girl crush on Lindsey. She’s so beautiful both inside and out and I honestly could watch her videos all day.

2. Books and Quills (& DerpinaMODE)
How could I not have a book tuber on this list?! Sanne was one of the first booktubers that I started watching and I still can’t bring myself to miss one of her videos. She is such a positive and bright individual. She talks about feminism and cruelty free makeup (she actually has a whole other channel with Marion dedicated to cruelty free products and sustainability) which are all things I feel so strongly about! Every single book recommendation from Sanne always never fails to disappoint. I would definitely recommend her channel!

3. Q2Han
This channel is run by Korean twins called Qwon and Qjin. They are the cutest and craziest people I have come across. They are an incredibly talented duo, they upload skincare videos, reviews, vlogs and my favourite – DIY clothes tutorials! Their channel is always so fresh and unique and I love the way they edit! Their twin bond is something I can relate to and something I love watching! This is the one channel that Monisah and I always have to watch together!

4. Joan Kim/Joan Day
Sticking to the Korean theme, Joan is an American-Korean who vlogs about her GOALS life. She also does style and beauty videos, she’s always so happy and bright and I always feel 100% happier after watching her videos. She has the most amazing set of friends (who are also Youtubers) and I have found almost half of all the new Youtubers I am subscribed to through her videos.

5. Damon and Jo
Last but certainly not least I have Damon and Jo. Basically their lives are the perfect example of how I want to live mine. They post about travel and languages – they film plenty of videos in French which are always my favourites! Their moto for their channel is “shut up and go” so they are basically telling you to shut up and stop making excuses and go out there and travel the world. Damon and Jo were the inspiration for our spontaneous trip to Africa this summer! They give the best tips for affordable travel and I’m always inspired more to travel after watching their videos! If I haven’t convinced you to subscribe to their channel, I honestly don’t know what will!

I hope you enjoyed my little post! What are your favourite YouTube channels? Do you have any recommendations for me? I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Stay beautiful,

Ayesha xx